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Etraveli Group aims to connect millions of flights and travelers across the world, enabling as many as possible to enjoy all the wonderful destinations of the world, meet the locals and learn from different cultures by making flight tickets as affordable as possible.

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However, the impact of air travel on the climate is not negligible. This means everybody in the industry is now working to try and lessen this impact and contribute to the development of greener fuel as well as many other initiatives including new technologies.

New technologies will need time to replace today’s environmentally unsound variants, and some of them are still in the early stages of development. That’s why we’ve chosen to sponsor several initiatives that we believe will have a significant positive effect in the long run. All to ensure that in the future, travelers can continue to fly across the world to meet with family and friends, to do their jobs, or to enjoy the experience of exotic destinations.

Our Role

Support tech development of sustainable fuel
Climate compensate own travel
Enable customers to climate compensate

Our philosophy of sponsorship

We’ve chosen to focus on international sponsorships to get the most impact. Today, working across borders is a must to achieve tangible results and our international partners, SkyNRG among them, are good examples of this.
Etraveli Group joins SkyNRG's mission to promote sustainable aviation fuels, setting a global standard.

SkyNRG, a global leader in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with over 13 years of experience, serves over 50 airlines, 50 corporates, and individual travelers on all 7 continents. They source, produce, blend, and distribute SAF derived from eco-friendly sources like agricultural waste.

SkyNRG significantly reduces the carbon footprint of flights, ensuring supply chain sustainability and bridging cost gaps with conventional jet fuel. This results in up to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels. As a partner with SkyNRG, Etraveli Group is actively contributing to the adoption of sustainable practices in the aviation sector.
Our META supports GoClimateNeutral through a partnership, in a mission to combat climate change. They provide customers with an opportunity to offset the carbon emissions from their flights, allowing each traveler to contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

Founded in 2017, GoClimateNeutral simplifies living a climate-neutral life. They ensure 100% financial transparency, so you can track how your funds are utilized. GoClimateNeutral exclusively selects Gold Standard-certified projects, rigorously examined and endorsed by organizations like WWF, aligning with UN sustainability goals and achieving a significant impact.

We diversify our project selection to maximize our influence, considering factors like location, cost, and sustainable development stimulation. Detailed project information is available on our website and the Gold Standard platform.
Here you can find our Sustainability Report: