Platform for sustainability and social responsibility

The way we look at things

By providing cheap and relevant flight tickets, we want to give everyone the chance to experience the world and with that, hopefully make it a little smaller. However, we’re keenly aware of just how far we are from making that happen. Social inequality, poverty and other factors such as climate change, remain gigantic hurdles to realizing that dream.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a part to play. We do have to start somewhere and although we may be small in the grand scheme of things and cannot move the needle on our own, with more than 14 million customers per year, we’re big enough to make just a tiny bit of difference. This section is dedicated to the work we do to give back.


Etraveli Group aims to make travel accessible to everyone. We want to give travelers the chance to experience all the wonderful destinations of the world by making flight tickets as affordable as possible. However, the impact of air travel on the climate is not negligible. This means everybody in the industry is now working to try and lessen this impact and contribute to the development of greener fuel as well as many other initiatives including new technologies.
New technologies will need time to replace today’s environmentally unsound variants, and some of them are still in the early stages of development. That’s why we’ve chosen to sponsor several initiatives that we believe will have a significant positive effect in the long run. All to ensure that in the future, travelers can continue to fly across the world to meet with family and friends, to do their jobs, or to enjoy the experience of exotic destinations.

Our philosophy of sponsorship

We’ve chosen to sponsor in two ways; internationally, where our product touches the world, and locally, in the communities that house our offices. In this way, we give ourselves as well as our employees the chance to give back to their communities, and we also take responsibility for the planet as a whole. Today, working across borders is a must to achieve tangible results and our two international partners, ECPAT and myclimate, are good examples of this.
In the case of ECPAT, the battle against child pornography cannot take place in one country alone, but needs a global organisation that reaches as many countries as possible. In myclimate’s case, climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced. It affects us all and needs global coordination to be fought.

International partners and sponsorships


We think it’s very important to take social responsibility and have therefore chosen to partner with ECPAT, the global organisation focusing on preventing the sexual exploitation of children. ECPAT uses its resources to prevent and stop child abuse and trafficking, including work to block websites containing child pornographic content.

More info about ECPAT can be found here.


myclimate is a global leader when it comes to climate protection. They work through different projects that all seek to reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment by replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy sources and implementing green, more energy-efficient technologies.

Etraveli Group supports myclimate through annual donations, geared towards climate protection and educational projects for students. We will also offer our customers the chance to offset the carbon emissions of their flights through myclimate’s website, and thereby each make a contribution to offset some of their carbon footprint.

myclimate’s educational programs offer companies the chance to sponsor educational initiatives with participants from all fields and countries, aimed not just at young people in school, but also at their teachers and parents. By becoming an educational partner, we hope to help raise global awareness. In this way, the myclimate educational program has reached over 20,000 students and more than 8,000 apprentices as well as thousands of others in a network that spans the world.

More info about myclimate can be found here.

Local partners and sponsorships

Uppsala stadsmission

Year in and year out, Uppsala Stadsmission work tirelessly to create a more humane society through social care, integration and education. Their mission is to promote social responsibility and encourage a sense of belonging, regardless of economic or social situation. We support their work with the homeless and other projects including volunteering opportunities.

More info about Uppsala Stadsmission can be found here.

Lighthouse Relief

Lighthouse Relief was formed as the refugee crisis reached the shores of Greece in the fall of 2015. There was very little relief work on the ground to help out at the time, and what help existed was makeshift, uncoordinated initiatives by islanders, as fishermen set out at night to rescue people adrift and local villagers gave what aid they could to the desperate people stranded on their shores.

Soon, volunteers started to arrive, coordinating the help efforts and emergency aid. As the refugee camps grew in size, so did the need for more emergency aid and better facilities, and Lighthouse Relief was founded by volunteers to meet this need.

Four years later, they run emergency response operations on the north shore of Lesvos and manage a Child Friendly Space and Youth Engagement Space in Ritsona Refugee Camp (central Greece). They remain committed to advancing a dignified and empowering humanitarian response for as long as it’s needed.

Etraveli Group supports Lighthouse Relief not just through regular donations and by working to spread awareness, but also by giving our employees the chance to serve as ambassadors, by blogging, fundraising or recruiting, or by taking part in the Lighthouse volunteer program.

More info about Lighthouse Relief can be found here.

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