Teaming up to shape the future of travel

Teaming up to shape the future of travel

We work with airlines, technology companies, distribution systems, hotels and car rentals to give our customers as good an offer as possible. As our roots lie in technology, finding good technical partners to enhance our offer will always be of great interest to us. The better the technology and the data, the better the solutions for our travellers.

Similarly, because of our knowledge in air travel, e-commerce, user experience and conversion optimization, we can offer a broad range of services as a partner. For instance, we have one of the best tools on the market for enabling the booking of flights on your website. Among our more well-known partners are Google Flights,, Amadeus, Sabre, Expedia and

Our major partners
– Our work with Etraveli is based on the joint development and marketing of our insurance offer. We work together to increase sales by testing, setting new goals, developing new insurance solutions and launching our services on all-new markets. Etraveli is an innovative company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a total focus on growth – which suits us very well! 

– Marie-Louise Rosenberg, Key Account Manager, Solid

– We work together on a management level to make sure Etraveli delivers on their long-term strategy. We’re in touch on a daily basis, ensuring smooth and secure operations, and we listen to each other’s ideas and there’s a great deal of mutual respect. They’re a very agile partner, I think, with innovative ideas, exciting solutions and a progressive way of thinking. 

– Mia Johansson, IT Account Manager, Amadeus

Want to become one of our partners?

For questions regarding our contracts with airlines and distribution, please contact:

Stig Dobos
Director Air Sales & Distribution

If you are interested in collaborations concerning our ancillary sales, please contact:

Stefan Born
Director Add-on Products

If you are interested in B2B or B2B2C collaborations please contact:

Sofia Iosifidou
Head of Affiliate Partnerships

For other business related issues, please contact:

Andreas Marquardt
Chief Sales Officer