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Consumer Brands

Etraveli Group holds multiple online travel agency brands but only three of our brands are global and offer both a website, mobile site and an APP.

Etraveli Group_brand_Mytrip
Mytrip gives travelers access to a broad selection of travel products and services online – from flight tickets and accommodation to car rentals and insurance products. Mytrip serves many different consumer segments, offering products and services designed to make travel affordable, fun and spontaneous! Customers are encouraged to discover new destinations with value-for-money bookings on Mytrip, one of the world's leading online travel agencies. Travel more for less.
Etraveli Group_brand_Flightnetwork
When Flightnetwork was acquired by Etraveli Group in August 2019, it was the largest Canadian-owned online travel agency in Canada and saw more traffic than anyone but Expedia. Today Flightnetwork has become one of Etraveli Groups Global consumer brands, serving customer segments that appreciate simplicity and a seamless booking experience that will help connect with people and places in the most pleasant and hassle-free way. Travel with ease.
Etraveli Group_brand_Gotogate
When Etraveli Group was still just a regional player in Scandinavia, Gotogate was the brand used to establish its international presence, and today Gotogate is among Etraveli Groups selected global consumer brands serving customer segments that appreciate the many affordable flights to choose from. Gotogate is the smart online platform for booking ideal travel experiences customers can share and enjoy with their family and friends. Simply plan, book and go to the gate. Fly smart, enjoy more.
Etraveli Group holds multiple online travel agency brands but only three of our brands are global and offer both a website, mobile site and an APP.
Local brands that also sit under the Etraveli Group umbrella:

Travel Comparison Site

Etraveli Group_brand_Flygresor.se
Flygresor.se is Sweden’s largest price comparison website for flights. Here you can search and compare prices from online travel agencies and airlines. The company is a part of Etraveli Group. Flygresor.se exists in local versions in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa and Ireland. Flygresor was one of the first price comparison sites in the world to offer users the option of sorting flights based on the environmental impact besides the more usual criteria such as price and flight duration.


Etraveli Group_brand_TripStack
Harnessing data science to find the best travel itineraries, TripStack is actively working to integrate every low-cost carrier (LCC) in the world and make them available to travelers through a simple and cost effective API. TripStack also builds virtual interline itineraries which is when you are able to combine the itineraries of full-service airlines and LCCs that have no relationship with each other and save time for their customers as well as offer them significantly lower fares. Only a few providers in the world are capable of this. TripStack was founded in 2016 and is since 2019 part of Etraveli Group.
Etraveli Group_brand_Precision
PRECISION stands as a testament to Etraveli Group’s commitment to leveraging technology against fraud in travel, ensuring customer safety. With 20+ years of experience, handling multibillion volumes across 200+ customer countries, PRECISION provides unparalleled defense against travel fraud through orchestrating robust in-house technology with different integrations. Powered by a team of more than 100 FinTech experts, our risk management solution is here to help any company within the travel industry stay ahead of fraudulent attacks and propel its growth. Through our 360 approach delivered by a single API integration, we ensure increased sales and reduced costs prioritizing at the same time a frictionless experience for customers.