Etraveli Group Elevates Sustainability in Aviation with SkyNRG Partnership

Etraveli Group_Etraveli Group Elevates Sustainability in Aviation with SkyNRG Partnership

In 2020, Etraveli Group established a dynamic 5-year partnership with SkyNRG, a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) innovation. By joining forces with SkyNRG, we are dedicated to passionately reducing the environmental impact of air travel. Our collaboration is a conscious effort to drive positive change and contribute to a global movement for a cleaner and more sustainable aviation industry. This aligns seamlessly with our company values and our constant pursuit of innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Together, with SkyNRG, we are not just transforming the way we do business; we are shaping a future where air travel is synonymous with sustainability and responsibility. So, let's dive into what makes SkyNRG a key player in the sustainable aviation industry and how Etraveli Group proudly contributes to this positive change.

Who is SkyNRG?
Since its founding in 2010, SkyNRG has built a leading position in transforming air travel through sustainable alternatives to traditional aviation fuels. Specializing in the development and supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), derived from eco-friendly sources like agricultural waste and used cooking oil. This innovative approach significantly reduces the carbon footprint of flights. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, SAF can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. As a sustainability leader, SkyNRG supplies partners globally, including over 50 airlines, 50 corporates, logistics companies, and individual travelers on all 7 continents. Among their partners are industry giants such as SkyScanner, Microsoft, Shell Aviation, Boeing and KLM. With the world's largest dedicated SAF team with 13 years of experience, they not only prioritize sustainability in operations but also offer SAF certification for annual carbon reporting.

Our contribution to this partnership
As a proud partner of SkyNRG, Etraveli Group actively contributes to the adoption of sustainable practices in the aviation sector, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Current estimates indicate that the aviation industry's emissions will double by 2050.

To address this challenge, Etraveli Group has committed to purchasing 500 tons of SAF each year for 5 years. This totals 2500 tons of SAF from their first production facility, scheduled to be operational in 2027. This commitment translates to a reduction of nearly 6,700 tons of CO2 over 5 years, equivalent to the emissions from approximately 1600 people flying from Stockholm to New York and back on 100% SAF each year.

Given the projected doubling of aviation emissions by 2050, it is crucial to emphasize our collaboration's positive impact and how it contributes to a sustainable future. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) remains the most promising avenue for significant emissions reduction in the foreseeable future. Here's how our collaboration is making a difference:

  1. Promoting Sustainable Journeys: By partnering with SkyNRG, we are actively supporting and facilitating the use of SAF, which translates to lower carbon emissions and a healthier planet.

  2. Educating and Inspiring: Through our communication channels, we can educate and inspire travelers about the importance of sustainable aviation. This includes sharing information about SAF and its benefits.

  3. Leading by Example: Our partnership showcases our commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. By leading by example, we encourage other companies and travelers to consider the environmental impact of their travel choices.

What does the process of creating physical SAF look like?

1. Sourcing Sustainable Feedstocks:
The journey begins with the selection of sustainable feedstocks, the raw materials for producing SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). These can include waste oils, agricultural residues, and other non-food biomass.

2. Hydroprocessing - Turning Green into Gold:
The chosen feedstocks undergo hydro processing, a process involving hydrogen treatment. This occurs at elevated temperatures and pressures, transforming the feedstocks into hydrocarbons suitable for aviation fuel.

3. Blending for the perfect mix:
The hydro processed material, now transformed into SAF, doesn't fly solo. It blends seamlessly with traditional jet fuel to meet aviation standards, up to 50% SAF.

4. Certification - The SAF Seal of Approval:
Before it takes to the skies, SAF goes through a demanding certification process, ensuring that it meets industry standards, adhering to safety protocols and making it qualified for use in aircraft engines.

5. Storage and Blending by SkyNRG:
The final SAF product needs a temporary home before embarking on its journey. SkyNRG, our partner, arranges blending and storage with a third party, ensuring that the SAF is ready when the time comes to fuel the aircraft.

6. The Green Fuel Journey to Airports:
SAF needs to reach airports. This journey involves strategic partnerships with fuel suppliers who are shareholders in airport fuel storage. Our collaboration ensures a smooth pathway for SAF from production to airport gates.

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