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We strive to give everyone the chance to experience the world. By leveraging world-class technology, affordable and relevant flight tickets, we hope to make it a little smaller, too. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s biggest tech and travel companies, including Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kayak & Booking.com. We are active in 75 countries worldwide with Flight Network, GoToGate, Mytrip & SuperSaver, the price comparison site Flygresor.se, and our B2B brand TripStack.


Our headquarters are located in Uppsala, and we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Athens, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Pune and Mumbai.

Our locations

We are a fast growing company - in 2019 we served over 10 million passengers - and as such our diverse and dynamic team of 1000 talented professionals is always on the lookout for more team members!


Our values

At Etraveli we embrace excellence and empower change in all we do. We have a set of three core values that drive the way we work and act: We play to win. We are team players. We innovate to excel. Read more about our values below!

Playing to win

Play as a team, Win as a team. We are all dedicated to the work we do and we use each other’s strength as team players in a high performing team, reaching for a common goal.

Sense of urgency to be excellent

Swift actions – move fast, try new things, capture opportunities and don’t be afraid of making mistakes – but learn from them.

Accountability & cooperation

We are all a part of a bigger picture and we cooperate respectfully but with requirements on each other to meet our joint objectives.

Our mission

Operating in a highly dynamic industry, we are passionate about simplifying the complexity of offering flights, enabling millions of people to connect seamlessly across the globe.

We care about you

Your health is important. That’s why we offer private health-care plans for all our employees. 

Breakfast every day

The most important meal of the day, and we want you to have it. Start the day happy and full!

Balance is important

Your body is your temple and we want you to take care of it. Depending on your office, we offer fitness classes or wellness benefits.

Learning and development

Working with us you get access to resources and great professionals to help grow in your role! We offer extensive learning opportunities for you to be able to become an expert in your area.

Current job opportunities

Our love for travel is beyond doubt, yet COVID-19 epidemic came to shake our reality up causing an unprecedented impact in everyone’s lives. Like other industries, travel has faced serious challenges during this time, but responding to this new era we kept working hard to shape the future of the industry. We have made the conscious decision to, in addition to securing the safety of our staff and passengers, and in addition to focusing on dealing with the effects of cancelled flights and processing refund requests of our customers vs the airlines, also look into the future and keep investing in the capabilities of our team to come out of this stronger than before!
Even if travelling won’t look exactly the same in the near future, we believe in creating teams that can adapt to changes and operate in dynamic environments like ours. So if You love challenges, and want to work for a leading company in the travel industry, that is investing in it’s staff, take a look at our exciting job opportunities around the world. If you are passionate about what you do, and believe travel helps make this world a slightly smaller place, we would love to hear from you!



The way we look at things

Our mission is to make the world smaller and to help people experience it, however, we’re keenly aware of just how far we are from making that happen. Social inequality, poverty and other factors such as climate change, remain gigantic hurdles to realizing that dream. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a part to play. We do have to start somewhere and although we may be small in the grand scheme of things and cannot move the needle on our own, with more than 14 million customers per year, we’re big enough to make just a tiny bit of difference. This section is dedicated to the work we do to give back.

Where can you find us?

Our headquarters are located in Uppsala, Sweden, and we also have offices in Athens, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Toronto, Mumbai and Pune. 

Uppsala Office

Dragarbrunnsgatan 46

751 43 Uppsala

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