Markets and positioning

Etraveli Group is the leading global technology provider for flights and one of the largest flight-centric online travel agencies. We position ourselves as a leading, innovative and modern company, built on a foundation of e-commerce expertise, knowledge about travel and technology, and the drive to be the best in our industry.

Being one of the global leaders gives us economies of scale and the ability to effectively launch our services on new markets. In recent years, this has been proven through successful launches in countries such as Germany, Russia and the UK. In June 2015 we opened the doors to 15 new markets, among them Australia, Japan and Singapore. In 2019 we brought Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic into the fold, making the total number 77 markets on 6 continents. During these years, Etraveli Group’s total transaction value grew from EUR 1 billion per year to over EUR 4 billion.

We have also entered new business areas to keep up with the changing market, and as price comparison sites for air-travel services are becoming increasingly important, we have entered that part of the value chain through the acquisition of

With the goal of establishing a presence in every corner of the world, we plan to continue growing by offering the best possible flight content and air tech solutions, adding even more relevant flights even cheaper, and by expanding to new locations, organically as well as through strategic acquisitions. The sale to CVC Capital Partners, in June 2017, was a big step towards this. In November 2017, Etraveli acquired the Greek e-commerce company e-Travel S.A., becoming Etraveli Group. and in 2019, we added to our tech capabilities and further strengthened our global position by acquiring air technology specialist TripStack and online travel agency Flight Network, both based in Canada.