Air tech solutions

Our offering is multi-faceted, as we work with a large number of companies to offer a range of services. uses us as exclusive back-end and fulfillment provider for flights in nine European countries. We also work with Google Flights in this way, though not exclusively of course. In both cases we are steadily increasing our volumes, and working to provide fulfillment steps for other online sellers too.

We have an air technology company called TripStack, specializing in creating fares that have never existed before and operating independently to supply other businesses. Their technology is made up of two different products: EFOE – “Every Flight on Earth,” and TripBuilder. In providing access to Low Cost Carriers (LCC) not typically available through traditional distributors, and in combining fares from LCCs and Full Service Carriers to create brand new and significantly cheaper itineraries, they are committed to developing innovative solutions that cover many aspects of travel.