Innovative solutions for cheaper travel across
the world

Innovative solutions for cheaper travel across the world

Cheaper airfares online

Founded in the year 2000, Etraveli Group was one of the first companies to offer online booking of flight tickets. In those days, we sent them out by regular mail. Today that would be very difficult as we now have almost 14 million customers per year.

We are the leading online travel agency in the Nordic countries, the fastest growing in Europe and our presence across the web spans 70 countries. We constantly find new solutions to bring travelers together, and make the world smaller.


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Work at Etraveli Group

We are always looking for great talent in e-commerce, technology and travel. Are you curious about us? On our career site you can find all the relevant information; for example, what the workplace is like, the kind of personalities we like to hire, and how to go about sending us your application. Meanwhile, join our network and we will get in touch when the right opportunity comes along.

Our partners

We are partners with some of the world’s biggest airlines, reservation systems, hotel chains and car rental companies. Together with them we work closely to provide an even better offering and to meet the growing demands of our customers. We choose our partners with care, making sure they match our needs, and they choose us because we’re easy to work with and they know they can rely on our competence.

Press and newsroom

Are you curious about the workings of our world, or do you need material for an article? In our newsroom you can find the logos of our brands along with pictures, press releases, quotes, contact information for the press officer and news about us and our business.