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Etraveli Group is a global platform for flights, an air technology company with a presence across all continents. We pride ourselves on being the fastest, most precise way to realize a travel plan, no matter the distance or complexity.

We cherish solving complexity because it gives us the potential to stand out and be different. As a leading global platform for flights and the leading flight-centric online travel agency in Europe, we have the capacity to deliver air tech solutions to any type of company.

Our global footprint

We are the preferred partner of some of the world’s most prominent technology organizations, airlines, hotel chains and car rental agencies. Together, we work closely to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Our most notable consumer brands are FlightNetwork, GoToGate, Mytrip & SuperSaver. In several countries, we’re renowned for local versions of the flight price comparison site

Another of our organizations, TripStack, challenges the status quo to deliver unique flight content to Etraveli Group and other B2B partners—content that offers customers more options and lower prices.

Online travel agency

Etraveli Group is among the leading flight-centric online travel agencies globally, serving millions of customers per year in 75 markets around the world with brands such as Flight Network, GoToGate, Mytrip & SuperSaver. We strive to solve the complexity of travel and make it easy for people to connect globally.

Air tech solutions

We provide flights for some of the biggest technology and travel companies in the world, including Google Flights and With our flexible booking engine and our expertise in processes, fulfillment and customer service, we are able to take on any volume they require. Similarly, TripStack, our B2B travel technology company, uses data science to build great new travel itineraries.

Meta search engine

Our meta Flygresor compares the prices of thousands of travel agents and airlines, narrowing down the millions of options every search returns to a few hundred. Price is usually the most important criteria, though it’s possible to sort by a number of others such as travel time and environmental impact.
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