Innovative travel solutions

Etraveli Group is a world-leading tech platform for selling flights. We are here to solve the complexity by connecting millions of flights and travelers across the world. As a global player with multi-cultural teams of passionate professionals across 9 offices around the world plus another 8 Customer Support partner offices we grow rapidly in all continents of the world.

Our Brands

Online travel agencies

Etraveli Group is among one of the leading flight-centric online travel agencies in the world, serving millions of customers per year in 75+ markets across the world with brands such as Mytrip, Gotogate & Flightnetwork.
Fly more for less

Fly more for less

Mytrip gives travelers access to a broad selection of travel products and services online – from flight tickets and accommodation to car rentals and insurance products.
Fly smart, enjoy more

Fly smart, enjoy more

Today Gotogate is among Etraveli Groups selected global consumer brands serving customer segments that appreciate the many affordable flights to choose from.
Travel with ease

Travel with ease

Flightnetwork is serving customer segments that appreciate simplicity and a seamless booking experience that will help connect with people and places in the most pleasant and hassle-free way.

Our Brands

Airtech solutions

Air Platform for Partners

Air Platform for Partners

TripStack, our B2B travel technology company, uses data science to build excellent new travel itineraries including virtual interlining that leads to very cheap flight fares.
Solving Risk For Travel

Solving Risk For Travel

Powered by a team of more than 100 fintech experts, with in-depth travel knowledge and proven track record on travel challenges, our risk management solution is here to help any company within the travel industry to stay ahead of fraudulent attacks and propel its growth.
Meta Search

Meta Search is Sweden’s largest price comparison website for flights. Here you can search and compare prices from online travel agencies and airlines.
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We succeed because of our team & culture

Every day we strive to make the world smaller and more accessible for our customers. Our multicultural team of more than 2500+ passionate professionals is what makes us the industry’s tech wonder and probably the best in the world at what we do.

We have managed to build a strong corporate culture with high engagement and live after a set of three core values that drive the way we work and act: Play to Win, Sense of Urgency to be Excellent and Accountability & Cooperation.

Our Partners

Major Partners

By providing a leading tech platform for flights that connects millions of flights across the world, we hope our cheap and relevant flight offers also enable travelers to connect globally. Meeting in person matters and breaks down boundaries - travel makes the world smaller and more united. To really make an impact, we have partnered up with some of the biggest tech & travel companies in the world like Google Flights, Amadeus & Kayak. We also provide flights for and Skyscanner.

Other Partners

We serve more than 550 airlines and offer secure and PCI compliant payment solutions in all our 75+ markets.
And many more

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